In a state of siege

The recent actions by the leading members of a disparate and fringe television crew is nothing but a death rattle. It is the rattle of a dark world of the past, and although it is aware of the advantages to be had in the new era, refuses to disentangle itself from the vested interests it has formed over the years and which have grown to resemble a huge parasite on our political and economic system. Genuine competition, a state that does not assign projects in an unchecked and monopolistic fashion and will not subsidize entrepreneurs, an institutional framework that will prevent a drain on the public purse, and which will not be vulnerable to blackmail and dependency on black political money are elements that are gradually being imposed by the country’s entry into the eurozone. And all those agents, who owe their existence and position in Greek society to the old status quo, rightly see the end of that archaic structure as their own end as well. Therefore, they mobilize their energy in order to fight one last, furious battle. Their purpose is to bring political stability and the country’s advancements under a state of siege, their battering ram being this disparate and fringe television crew whose leading members have trod for years on the fence between criminal law, the underworld and illegal activity. They are the executive bodies. This crew, however, has this time overstepped the mark, as it used a trivial case to slander the president, in a highly Goebbelian fashion, that is, without being able to show the slightest evidence of a criminal act. And under the law, it is actions which are judged. The perpetrators acted in line with their rule of thumb: «If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually start to believe it.» But every cloud has a silver lining. This time, the perpetrators overstepped the limits so blatantly that they stirred the deepest of reflexes. In effect, the television coup was suppressed from the start. For they did not just come into conflict with the institutions and the essence of democracy but also with the spirit of the era which is dawning. The contrast between this new reality and the infamous television crew is a dazzling one. Of course, these forces are not going to quit their dark struggle without a fight. And all those who do not wish to see the past rule upon the future should take this as a fact. And keep in mind also that we all have a part of the responsibility for blocking such developments.

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