September 5, 1955

CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: Nicosia, 3 – About 30 Cypriot patriots – obviously members of the clandestine EOKA group – attacked and seized a police station in a lightning raid at dawn today in the village of Paralimni near Famagusta. The patriots entered the village in two trucks, quickly overpowered the police officer guarding the station and then gagged him. Some stood on guard outside the building while the rest went in and overpowered the remaining seven officers, tying them up and gagging them as well. They then removed all weapons, including those worn by the officers. Shouting «Long live union (with Greece),» they boarded the trucks and drove off after ripping out the telephone lines in the station. The attack was described as the most daring since last April when attacks by Cypriot patriots against the British authorities began. MESSAGE FROM DIGENES: The legendary leader of the EOKA group, Digenes (Ed. note: General Georgios Grivas) has sent a message to all Greeks that the Cypriot people have taken a sacred oath and are determined to live freely or else launch a holocaust.