October 1, 1955

MESSAGE FROM MENDERES: Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes has sent a message to his Greek counterpart Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos in response to the second Greek Note Verbale to the government in Ankara. Menderes’s message was handed to Deputy Prime Minister Panayiotis Kanellopoulos yesterday evening by Turkish Ambassador Settar F. Iksel. Mr Menderes restricted himself to an expression of his «pain and deep sadness» at last month’s acts of vandalism against the Greek communities in Istanbul and Izmir… Mr Kanellopoulos, asked by journalists whether the message was considered satisfactory by the Greek government, declined to comment but simply reiterated that a reply would shortly be forthcoming from the prime minister himself. ELENI NIKOLAIDOU: Belgrade, 29 – For the second time in a week, Yugoslav audiences gave standing ovations to Greek mezzo-soprano Eleni Nikolaidou of the New York Metropolitan Opera, who performed the role of Carmen at the Belgrade National Opera House.