October 31, 1955

KARAOLIS SENTENCED: Nicosia, 28 – A Nicosia criminal court sentenced Michalis Karaolis, 22, of Palaiohori, to death for the murder of police officer Herodotus Toulis. The judge said, «Everything indicates that the crime was planned and executed by the EOKA group.» The accused has proclaimed his innocence. THE MACEDONIAN PM: The fact that Constantine Karamanlis’s promotion to the premiership has been met with great satisfaction by the absolute majority of the Greek people, who recognize his many virtues, has boosted the justified pride of northern Greeks. KARAMANLIS: The prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, in an extensive interview with the United Press, stated categorically that his government would not make any compromises on the Cyprus issue and that it gave its undivided political and moral support to the Cypriots. DEMONSTRATIONS IN ATHENS: After the parade by the armed forces (October 28) before the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, an enthusiastic crowd of young people staged a spontaneous demonstration in support of the Union of Cyprus with Greece. A total of 23 police officers and 37 demonstrators were injured.