November 12, 1955

EOKA PROCLAMATION: Nicosia, 11 – The patriotic organization EOKA has distributed leaflets in English directed at the British soldiers. The text reads as follows: «(…) If you continue to shoot at us and torture our people with curfews and and other inhuman, Hitler-like methods, then we warn you that we will no longer bombard you with stones but with bullets. We will attack you with your own weapons, the ones that your current leader, Field Marshal Harding, let us take away from your arsenals, which he had left unguarded and wide open. British soldiers, choose: Peace or war? Our friendship or our bullets? EOKA. Leader Digenis.» BAKERY WORKERS’ STRIKE: The bakery workers of Athens and Piraeus went on an open-ended strike last night, demanding pay rises of 50 percent and a reduction in the amount of flour each worker is required to process from 91 oka (about 116 kilos) to 70 oka (about 90 kilos). The Athens Police Department announced that the bakeries’ owners, police officers and soldiers would be working in the bakeries during the strike.

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