December 7, 1955

VOULPIOTIS AFFAIR: The Athens appeals court hearing the case against Ioannis Voulpiotis, I. Valetas, N. Baritakis and G. Papadimitriou for slandering the former coordination minister and current agriculture minister, Mr Constantine Papaconstantinou, issued its ruling at 11 p.m. yesterday after meeting for an hour, confirming the guilty verdict issued by the previous court. (…) The court sentenced Voulpiotis to 14 months’ imprisonment and has deprived him of his civil rights for one year. (…) The prosecutor, Mr Papandreou, said that Voulpiotis had tried to exploit the good conscience of the previous prime minister, the late field marshal Alexandros Papagos, and to force the government to accept the registration of the contract (with Siemens) (…) and moreover tried to make insinuations against Mr Papaconstantinou because he was the state’s «moral» guardian. KEMPFF AND MENUHIN: Athens Artistic Bureau, Georgios P. Kourakos. Theater «Kentrikon.» Saturday, December 10, 1955: Wilhelm Kempff (piano) – Yehudi Menuhin (violin). Program: Bach, Brahms, Beethoven.