December 8, 1955

MITSOTAKIS AND KKE: Mr Sophocles Venizelos chaired a meeting yesterday of the Liberal Democratic Union’s (FDE) Political Bureau to discuss the political situation (…). The bureau’s members decided, among other things, that the FDE should ask the government to legalize the operations of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in order to enable it participation in the next elections. (…) FDE representatives Constantine Mitsotakis, Georgios Bakatsellos and Loukis Akitas explained these decisions to the prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, who replied that the government did not share their view. MACMILLAN’S PROPOSALS: London, 5 – The House of Commons today began a debate on the Cyprus issue. The first speaker, Foreign Secretary Harold Macmillan, said, among other things: «The problem of Cyprus does not lie within the framework of ordinary colonial issues, given that the Cypriot people were already civilized when the British were still in a primitive state. The matter under debate is not so much whether the principle of self-determination should be recognized, but how it should be implemented. (…)»