December 10, 1955

GREECE-TURKEY: Greece’s Naval General Staff issued the following announcement last night on the fatal attack by Turks on a Greek fishing boat near Kastellorizo. «A telegram from the Kastellorizo port authority reports that the fishing boat Aghios Nikolaos was in Turkish waters when it was hit by the Turkish coast guard near Rodia, Turkey, 20 miles east of Kastellorizo. According to unconfirmed reports, one man was killed and another slightly injured, but the third crew member escaped. The boat was towed to the Turkish port of Antifyllo opposite Kastellorizo. Steps are being taken to verify the report. PROTECTION ABROAD: The Naval General Staff has also announced that it had taken all the approved steps to protect legal fishing outside Turkish territorial waters and given the strictest orders to guard Greek interests and protect the Greek flag. BRITAIN AND CYPRUS: London, 8 – It was announced today that the British are to transfer part of their strategic air force to Cyprus, probably aircraft carrying atomic bombs. It is not known whether this action has anything to do with the nationalist issue or whether it is for purely strategic purposes.