December 23, 1955

CYPRUS: Nicosia, 23 – It is clear that the situation in Cyprus is expected to deteriorate given the order to security forces to be ready over Christmas for any event. MORAITIS AND GOUTHAS: Athens General Security has marked up yet another success with the discovery of a secret Communist radio transmitter between the district of Kallithea and the racetrack. They arrested the operator, 28-year-old Georgios Moraitis, and discovered a newly set up Communist printing press in Aghia Paraskevi, arresting 10-20 prominent Communist cadres, including the printer 28-year-old Dimitrios G. Gouthas. INTERVENTION BY STATE: According to a market regulation that goes into force today in Athens, retail vendors of meat are required to also sell frozen meat. (Editor’s note: Frozen meat, much cheaper than fresh meat, now became affordable to lower income households.) AMERICAN AID: Washington DC, 22 – A representative of the economic cooperation department has stated that total aid to Greece during the current calendar year amounted to about 50 million dollars.