December 28, 1955

CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: Nicosia, 27 – According to all indications, the Cyprus struggle is about to escalate. Field Marshal Sir John Harding is using all the forces at his disposal in an attempt to discover the hiding places of the leaders of the Cypriot resistance. The National Cypriot Struggle Organization (EOKA) responded today with a harsh accusation against the British for employing methods against unarmed poor villagers that are an affront to the British civilization. KARAMANLIS’S PROJECTS: The prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, made the following announcement yesterday: «The government, in accordance with its campaign promises, has not only guaranteed the means to continue the program of works in progress but has expanded its investment program with new projects budgeted at a total 300 million drachmas.» GREEK CHILDREN: Belgrade, 27 (AP) – The Belgrade daily Evening News has reported that 148 Greek children abducted during the war against the outlaws and forcibly taking to Poland and Hungary, were returned today to Yugoslav Macedonia, where their parents have been living since 1946 when the war against the outlaws broke out in Greece.