December 29, 1955

KARAMANLIS AND THE AMERICANS: Today’s edition of the New York Greek-language daily The National Herald carries the following report: «According to a reliable American source, the State Department has made it known through its Athens embassy its displeasure at the persistent intransigence with which the Greek Prime Minister Mr Constantine Karamanlis has treated the new, considerably improved British proposals following the US mediation, both with regard to the question of Cyprus as well as Greek-Turkish relations.» It went on to emphasize that while the Americans realized that the Greek prime minister is a capable leader of Greece, it would be hoped that he would show greater understanding of American foreign policy. CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: Nicosia, 29 – Guerrillas tonight bombed a group of British soldiers in Metaxa Square in Nicosia. One British soldier was injured. Several Cypriots were arrested. US AID: Washington DC, 22 – A representative of the economic cooperation department has stated that total aid to Greece from the US government during the current calendar year amounted to about 50 million dollars.