December 29, 1955

‘CYPRIOT ISSUE RESOLVED’: Nicosia, 30 – Archbishop Makarios said in a radio address this evening that a solution to the Cyprus issue was merely a matter of time. In response to a question as to whether he would soon resume talks with Field Marshal Sir John Harding, he replied, «Given that on the one hand the Cypriot people have made a firm decision to obtain their freedom, and on the other that the British government has recognized the existence of an issue of providing a just and honest solution, I personally believe that the problem has been resolved.» COMMUNISTS RELEASED: The Justice Ministry yesterday announced the names of 133 convicts who have been released in recent days from prison on the basis of the law on «peacekeeping measures,» since they were considered not to constitute a danger. LAST FROM KOREA: It has been announced that the last Greek division will arrive back home from Korea via the United States sometime in mid-January. A group of just 10 soldiers headed by their commanding officer will remain in Korea as a symbolic presence in the United Nations armed forces.