March 7, 1956

ARREST OF GUERRILLA: Hania, 5 – On Sunday, the communist outlaw with a price on his head, Michalis Papapanayiotakis, was arrested in his hiding place in Gerani, Cydonia, on the island of Crete. He was armed and in the possession of incriminating documents. Deputy Interior Minister Nikolaos Athanassiou, referring to the arrest of Papapanayiotakis (in an ambush by gendarmes), said he was considered one of the main cadres of the illegal espionage network on Crete. Papapanayiotakis was once an employee of the Agricultural Bank of Greece and had been sentenced to death for violating the third resolution. There was a reward of 20,000 drachmas for killing him and 10,000 drachmas for locating his hiding place. Another eight communist outlaws, two of them women, are still on the loose on the island. TERRORISM: Nicosia, 1 – British paratroopers staged a raid last night on Greek areas of Nicosia and searched passers-by and passing vehicles. Last night 19 bombs exploded in the capital within just 25 minutes. Today a bomb was tossed into the yard of a police station in Paphos, causing property damage but no injuries.