May 29, 1956

AVEROFF FOREIGN MINISTER: The Greek foreign minister, Mr Spyros Theotokis, reiterating an earlier decision, has resubmitted his resignation to the prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, and urged him to accept it. The prime minister has done so, expressing his deep regret but also praising the valuable services Mr Theotokis has rendered to foreign policy over the critical past six months. Mr Evangelos Averoff, until now agriculture minister, has assumed the post. His previous portfolio has been taken up by the deputy prime minister, Mr Andreas Apostolidis. The swearing-in ceremony took place yesterday. GEORGIOS GRIVAS: Tel Aviv, 28 – A morning newspaper here published an interview yesterday with the leader of the clandestine Cypriot patriotic group EOKA, Mr Georgios Grivas. Mr Grivas gave the interview to the newspaper correspondent, who managed to meet with him… The EOKA leader emphasized that his organization would continue to respond to terrorism with terrorism. «We do not want to kill, nor to fight,» he said, «but we will do so if necessary.»