July 4, 1956

BAGHDAD ACCORD: (From a front-page story in Kathimerini): «Although as yet there has been no official announcement regarding recommendations by the British authorities to the Turkish government regarding the signing of a tripartite alliance among Greece, Turkey and Britain and Greece’s signing of a Baghdad accord, an official Greek government source was correct in hastening to deny the rumors that have been circulating. The Baghdad accord is the product of British machinations attempting to divide the Arab world with which Greece maintains the most friendly and sincere relations. There can be no question of cooperating with those who undermine Arab unity. Nor can there be any question of a new alliance with Turkey, which has already destroyed the previous alliance, the Balkan tripartite accord.» BYRON STAMATOPOULOS: New books: «The Battle for Cyprus» by Byron Stamatopoulos, comprising a collection of commentaries from the National Radio Foundation (EIR) and articles published in The Military News, Athens, 1956.