July 5, 1956

AKEL AGAINST GRIVAS: Nicosia, 5 – The illegal Communist Party of Cyprus (AKEL) today accused General Georgios Grivas, the alleged leader of the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) of being a «fascist» and declared that the «working class will not cooperate with his movement.» AKEL distributed proclamations today in Limassol calling on Cypriots to «dedicate themselves solely to creating a united front that will secure union with Greece.» GREECE-USSR: A special Greek committee of experts will go to Moscow to discuss outstanding Greek-Soviet issues. Moreover, the parliamentary speaker, Mr Constantine Rodopoulos, has written to the Soviet ambassador, Mr Sergeyev, informing him that the Supreme Soviet’s invitation for a 15-member parliamentary delegation to visit Russia has been accepted. ACCLAIM FOR ANNA SYNODINOU: (From a review by Cleon Paraschos of a performance of Sophocles’ «Antigone» at Epidaurus) «The revelation in this performance was the very promising Miss Anna Synodinou playing the title role.»