July 10, 1956

SANTORINI EARTHQUAKE: Another disaster has struck Greece in the form of a terrible earthquake centered on the island of Santorini. This picturesque volcanic island in the Aegean Sea was struck yesterday by an earthquake that was far stronger that any before, killing 400 people in the ruins of collapsed houses. Twenty more are missing, while the precise number of injured is unknown. A thick layer of soot from the caldera near the island, mixed with mortar from the collapsed buildings, has formed a dark cloud hovering above the island and reaching as far as Syros. Meanwhile a powerful tidal wave ranging in height from 4 meters on the coast of the island of Kalymnos to 300 centimeters on the Saronic Islands, reached the shores of Crete. GREECE AND USSR: Moscow, 9 – The Soviet Union, via Pravda, the newspaper of the Soviet Communist Party, has announced it is willing to provide technical and economic aid to Greece. «Russia,» said Pravda, «is ready to give favorable and immediate attention to the question of mutual cooperation in developing the Greek economy.»