July 14, 1956

PROCLAMATION BY GRIVAS: Nicosia, 14 – «An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth» is the message in the latest proclamation by the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA), which was distributed today in all towns and villages in Cyprus. The declarations bore the signature of the EOKA leader Digenis (Colonel Georgios Grivas). «For every Greek child killed, the EOKA security forces will kill a British child; a British woman will be killed for every Greek woman killed.» GREEK CYPRIOTS: Nicosia, 14 – Greek mayors of the major towns in Cyprus and the chief municipal councilors met this afternoon and decided to reject any discussion (of the Constitution proposed by the British) with Lord Radcliff as long as Cypriot Archbishop Makarios remains in exile. Meanwhile, the leader of the Turkish community in Cyprus, Mr Fadil Kucuk, sent a telegram to Lord Radcliff wishing him «success in his mission,» adding that «the Turks will not accept a Constitution that offers Greeks majority rights.» ELIZABETH OF GREECE: Cannes, 13 – Elizabeth, a former queen of Greece (wife of George II), was taken to the Sunny Bank Hospital here today after having been overcome by a heart ailment.