July 22, 1956

GREECE-HUNGARY: Budapest, 21 – It has been announced that following recent negotiations held in Belgrade between the ambassadors to Yugoslavia of Greece and Hungary, agreement was reached to restore bilateral diplomatic relations. This information, according to the announcement, was favorably received by the Hungarian people, who although in the opposite camp to the Greeks, nevertheless honored the small Greek nation which put up such a brave fight fight against the troops of Mussolini and Hitler. The agreement reached between the two states will improve relations between the Greek and Hungarian peoples and their trade relations will contribute to the growth of both countries’ economies. CYPRUS: Nicosia, 21 – The National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) has distributed proclamations informing Cypriots that the organization is not taking up a collection, nor does it accept money from anyone, even if it is voluntarily offered. This is its final warning on this matter, it said, and those who succumb to fraudsters or the satanic designs of the Intelligence Service only have themselves to blame.