July 29, 1956

NORMA’S ANDREA DORIA: New York, 28 – The death toll from the tragedy at sea after the Italian ocean liner Andrea Doria sank on July 26 some 200 miles off New York rose to 11 today after the death in a Boston hospital of a four-year-old Italian child, Norma di Sandro, from injuries sustained in the accident. The unfortunate child, who never regained consciousness, died of a head injury. Her father had thrown her from the ship’s deck onto a lifeboat in the hope that the lifeboat crew would help her land in it safely. The Andrea Doria had collided with the Swedish ocean liner Stockholm. THE TREATY OF LAUSANNE: Political and diplomatic circles in Athens, commenting on claims by Turkish opposition leader Ismet Inonu that the union of Greece and Cyprus would be a violation of the Treaty of Lausanne, have said that the only person not qualified to speak about Turkey’s alleged ancient rights is Ismet Inonu, for it was he who co-signed the Treaty of Lausanne along with the declaration that his government had no claims to the territories of the former Ottoman Empire which are now outside the borders of Turkey.