September 12, 1956

‘BATTLE’ BETWEEN CYPRIOTS AND FRENCH: Nicosia, 10 – Last night was the first attack by Cypriot patriots against French troops (who had been stationed on Cyprus due to the Suez Canal crisis). They attacked a car carrying French soldiers along the road from Famagusta to Nicosia. According to an announcement, the Cypriots opened fire with small arms. The French soldiers returned fire but the attackers managed to escape (…) The Greek-Cypriot deputy mayor of Limassol, Dr Vassos Papadopoulos, lodged a protest today with the British governor of Cyprus, Field Marshal Sir John Harding, over the stationing of French troops on Cyprus (…) Dr Papadopoulos added that the Cypriots had never agreed to the presence of French troops on the island. Moreover, Bishop Gennadios, who is acting as head of the ethnarchy during the exile of Archbishop Makarios, also spoke out against the stationing of French troops. Harding told police officers arriving from Britain that their first duty was to put an end to terrorism. MINOTIS-PAXINOU: The Greek National Theater is to give two performances of Euripides’ «Medea» at the Herod Atticus Theater, starring Katina Paxinou and directed by Alexis Minotis.