September 16, 1956

JOHN FOSTER DULLES: Washington, 13 – World public opinion is anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Suez crisis (…) Today both British and French officials threatened to resort to arms (…) US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles said that the US had no intention of using guns to allow ships to pass through the canal and that if Egypt wanted to blockade the Suez Canal, the USA would instruct ships to divert around the Cape of Good Hope. AVEROF-PINEAU ON CYPRUS: Paris, 12 – (From our correspondent Spyros Theodorou): The Greek foreign minister, Mr Evangelos Averof, met today at the Quai d’Orsay with his French counterpart Mr Christian Pineau, who assured him that the presence of French troops on Cyprus in no way signified any interference by France in the Cyprus issue. YIANNIS MILIADIS: Eleven years after the end of the Second World War, it was finally possible to open the Acropolis Museum this week, which contains more original masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture than any other museum in the world. SKARAMANGAS SHIPYARDS: A contract for the construction of the country’s first shipbuilding and repair yard was signed yesterday evening at the Coordination Ministry.