October 26, 1956

YALTA: Washington, 23 – US President Dwight Eisenhower said this evening that the US has to assist freedom-loving peoples who want to make use of its help. He referred to Poland as an example of a country struggling for its freedom… After speaking about the Communist tyranny, he said that the day of liberation should perhaps be postponed because «protesting in the face of the military might could be suicidal.» IMPERIALISM I: Rabat, 24 – At least three people, most of them Europeans, have died in the Moroccan uprising against the French, who have violated fundamental rules of morality and justice by arresting Algerian guerrilla leaders. IMPERIALISM II: Nicosia, 24 – British troops have retaliated against the killing and injury of some of their men by the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) by causing damage to property. The mayor and many of the residents have protested to the British authorities over the mistreatment of the population by British soldiers, who have committed brutal acts and have been threatening people’s lives.