October 30, 1956

GREECE-USA: During a Propeller Club lunch in his honor yesterday, US Ambassador to Greece George V. Allen spoke at length about Greek-US relations and the Cyprus question. Allen emphasized that not even the UN General Assembly had been able to impose a permanent solution on the Cyprus issue and that the only possible settlement was through negotiations. He said that the USA’s contribution had been misunderstood but, in his opinion, it was extremely useful that his country had not taken a unilateral stand but helped those parties involved in the dispute to find a satisfactory solution… He recognized Greece’s great sacrifice which could not be compensated for by any economic aid, no matter how great, and said that the Greek economy, despite the enormous progress that had been made in recent years, was not yet self-sufficient and was still in need of foreign assistance. HUNGARIAN UPRISING: The Hungarian people’s revolt against Stalinism has quickly turned into a purely anti-communist revolution and is now in its fourth day. Despite the brutal violence with which the Russian troops have acted against the Hungarian people, the revolution has not been put down. There are thousands of victims.