February 8, 1957

HUNGARIAN UPRISING: The response of Greek intellectuals to the dramatic events in Hungary has been published in the current issue of the Nea Estia magazine, with photographs from the Hungarian revolution accompanied by short articles and poems by distinguished Greek intellectuals, who explain their solidarity with the Hungarian people’s liberation struggle and explore the reasons for the uprising. COSTAS VARNALIS: The February issue of the magazine Art Review is devoted to the 50-year literary career of the poet Costas Varnalis. Three previously unknown poems, including «Pilgrim,» and photographs of the poet are included. MAO THE POET: London, 6 – According to reports from Hong Kong, Mao Tse-tung is, along with everything else, a poet. Eighteen examples of his poetry, including some as yet unpublished pieces, were recently issued in a new literary magazine in Hong Kong. Mao, the head of the Chinese Communist Party and government, writes his poems in the ancient Chinese style and is an amateur. The experts consider some of his poems to be excellent.