Scandalous tactics

True to form, PASOK has just triggered a fresh round of scandalmongering. As general elections loom, the Socialist opposition customarily fires noisy allegations against the government and submits written requests for prosecutor investigations. Once the elections are over, the accusations are all shelved and no new evidence is presented. Once again yesterday, the Socialists asked the prosecutor to look into the takeover of businesses by banks and firms in the broader public sector, as if prosecutors can set the right price and calculate the business risk or the prospects of any specific market. To be sure, reality on the ground will reward or punish a business decision. Scandalmongering can only do the country harm. It maintains the volatile atmosphere that puts off investors. But it’s the institutions that suffer the most. Each party attempts to discredit the other – and both end up undermining the political system. Parties must put an end to their scaremongering tactics. Greece has real problems to worry about and our politicians should deal with these instead.