February 22, 1957

CYPRUS ISSUE AT UN: New York, 21 – While the United Nations General Assembly’s Political Committee resumed its debate on the Cyprus issue today, a pro-Greek rally was being held outside the UN building. The demonstrators called for Britain to give the Cypriot people the right of self-determination and independence for Cyprus. The committee’s chairman announced that 26 delegates were scheduled to speak on the Cyprus issue. Due to this large number, he suggested, and the committee agreed, that an evening session be set as well. The large number of speakers has caused a stir. The chairman said he hoped the debate would end tomorrow. NEW YORK TIMES: New York, 21 – In an article today on the Cyprus issue, The New York Times emphasized the need for a speedy solution to the problem, given the risk that Greece might withdraw from NATO. Already, it continued, there had been a split within the southeastern wing of the North Atlantic alliance as a result of this problem. Maintaining a colonial regime on a purely Greek island was an unacceptable anomaly when other British colonies were acquiring their independence.