February 28, 1957

YIANNIS KEFALLINOS: At 11.30 yesterday evening Ioannis Kefallinos, a gifted professor and the director of the School of Fine Arts, died in the Sbarounis clinic. Kefallinos was born in Alexandria in 1893 and studied engineering in Ghent, Belgium. From 1919 he studied art at the Julien Academy in Paris, where he distinguished himself. His paintings «St Cloud,» «The Tree» and «The Old Woman,» are among the loveliest of the period in which he lived in Paris. While he worked as an artist, he also illustrated books by writers such as Anatole France, Georges Duhamel and Joseph Riviere. As a painter, a copperplate engraver, composer and decorator, Kefallinos was a careful observer of objects and an artist with a great imagination. He used woodcuts and copperplate engravings as well as watercolors to record his impressions of Touraine and Brittany. He told the story of humble people and their troubles and became known as a poet, philosopher and satirist of the conventions of life. His last work was the design for the 10 volumes of an album issued by the National Archaeological Museum.