May 30, 1957

GREECE AND EASTERN BLOC: (From a report by Ilias P. Dimtrakopoulos) According to reliable sources, Greece is once more at the center of diplomatic activity involving countries of the Eastern bloc… There have been indications lately that Sofia would like to settle various economic demands by Greece… The Bulgarian government has accepted in principle Greece’s request to reopen its consulates in Varna, Pyrgos and Plovdiv. Meanwhile, the Greek government is considering a serious problem that has once more arisen with regard to some 30,000 Greeks (most of whom are now in Uzbekistan, although they originally lived in the Caucasus) whose ancestors came to Russia under Catherine the Great. They have reportedly approached the Greek Embassy in Moscow asking to be allowed to settle in Greece. For the present, the embassy is giving visas only to those with close relatives in Greece who are willing to provide them with accommodation. Finally, the Greek government has approved the appointment of Captain Vasileios Sabanov as the new Soviet military attache in Athens.