August 10, 1957

STATISTICS OF GREECE: The National Statistics Service has just issued its report for 1956, the third postwar study. This year’s report reveals a number of interesting facts that emerge from the latest census. It shows that 37.2 percent of the population is economically active, although there are considerable regional differences. In the Athens area, the percentage is 42.2 percent, compared to just 32.9 percent in Epirus and 31.9 percent on Crete. The data also show that 62.6 percent of the male population is economically active, compared to just 13 percent of women. Other tables show that the number of emigrants, including those going overseas and those moving from the provinces to cities, stood at 29,787 in 1955 (19,054 men and 10,233 women). Of this total, 13,247 had no profession, 6,256 were in agriculture, 2,647 in industry and manufacturing and 556 in the service industry. During the school year 1955-56, there were 301 state high schools and 25 evening high schools, with 9,850 pupils and employing 4,623 teachers. In the same year there were 164 private high schools with 2,093 teachers and 27,082 pupils. Other data show that 689 bankruptcies were declared in 1956, 517 in Athens and 56 in Thessaloniki.