August 11, 1957

OTTO WILLE KUUSINEN: (Excerpt from a commentary by Andre Pierre. Kuusinen was linked to Greek politics as he chaired the sessions of an international committee of communists that became involved in the internal affairs of the Communist Part of Greece in 1956 and overthrew Nikos Zachariadis for being a Stalinist): Born in 1884 in Finland, Otto Kuusinen was one of the founders of the Finnish Communist Party after previously being elected a member of the Social Democrat Party. Before the First World War, he was education minister for a short time, but Lenin’s triumph in 1917 put an immediate end to that period of his life in Finland. He fled to Russia in 1918 and acquired Soviet citizenship… In September, 1935, he made a lengthy speech against fascism at the Sixth International Youth Congress and spoke in praise of his friend Stalin. «When Comrade Kuusinen spoke the name of the man who led the Soviet peoples to victory, the name of the brilliant general of the proletariat,» wrote Pravda on September 29, 1935, «the Congress participants broke out into cheers of ‘Long live Stalin.’ That was in 1935. Today Otto Kuusinen is against the proletariat: He is both Stalinist and anti-Stalinist, in the manner of Khruschev.»