August 20, 1957

CHINA: Peking, 19: The Chinese Communist Party’s struggle against elements of the Right is intensifying in Shanghai, according to Radio Peking. The struggle has been extremely brutal. Representatives of the country’s cinema, theater and music worlds have been holding repeated meetings «to remove all elements of the Right from their ranks.» BUSES: Some buses have windows with two metal frames placed right at the level of passengers’ eyes. It is a poor choice on the part of the manufacturers that is irritating to passengers who want to look outside. The metal bars spoil their view. These buses are not suitable for excursions outside the city, when people want to enjoy the passing countryside. I refer to this problem so that the authorities who are responsible for these buses should not approve similar designs in future. COOL STREETS: Once upon a time, the city streets used to be sprayed with seawater, which cooled the atmosphere. Now even though the weather is very hot, this would be a good idea. Why has the municipality stopped the practice? Is it because they don’t have the means or because they don’t have any water?