August 27, 1957

TUKHACHEVSKY: Paris, 24 – In Moscow, it appears that the name of Field Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky, executed in 1937, has been indirectly restored. The gesture is seen as the most noteworthy since the death of Lavrenti Beria. According to an issue of Komsomolskaya Pravda seen in Paris, depositions by the late field marshal regarding the March 1921 suppression of an uprising in Kronstadt have been included in the official tome «Red Army activities between 1918 and 1921,» among military publications published by the Russian Defense Ministry. The fact that Tukhachevsky’s evidence is referred to in an official history is described as an indirect restoration of his reputation. Known as «Red Bonaparte,» Tukhachevsky was executed in 1937 after a secret trial that resulted in the annihilation of the Red Army’s best officers. Tuchatevsky was reported to be the victim of machinations by the secret services of General Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, helped by the then Czech president Edvard Benes, who sent Stalin secret documents accusing Tukhachevsky of being in secret contact with the Wehrmacht and plotting against Stalin.