October 1-3, 1957

MAO AND SOVIET UNION: Berlin – According to a report by the mayor of East Berlin, Friedrich Ebert, to the Central Committee of the East German Communist Party, there was fierce debate in Moscow at a recent meeting of Communist Party delegates over the rule of the Soviet Union within the communist bloc. USS NAUTILUS: Portland, 2 – The commander of the American nuclear-powered submarine Nautilus announced here yesterday that the vessel was the deadliest enemy of any surface vessel and that the results of its performance in a recent NATO exercise in which it participated went beyond all expectations. GREECE-USSR: London, September 28 – Moscow does not appear to have abandoned the idea of convening a Balkan conference. Today the newspaper Izvestia (the mouthpiece of the Soviet government), underlining the importance of the Romanian government’s proposal to call a Balkan conference, expressed its regret that «the governments in some Balkan countries do not appear willing to accept this useful initiative,» referring to Greece’s refusal and Turkey’s silence.