November 5, 1957

STRIPTEASE IN ATHENS: By order of the Athens police headquarters, following a report that a French dancer had performed a striptease at the Argentina nightclub on Filellinon Street, plainclothes police officers made an undercover visit to the club to watch the show. Indeed the young French lady, aged 28, appeared dressed and veiled, then began to dance and to gradually disrobe until only a small gold piece of fabric remained in the place of a fig leaf. Continuing to dance, she began making gestures to the audience, many of whom protested, although others applauded. Pandemonium soon prevailed. The police officers arrested the dancer and the owner of the club, Constantinos Samios, 55. The trial was held yesterday. The dancer claimed she was not aware of Greek customs and that she was simply doing her act. She was fined 5,000 drachmas and later left for Turkey. The owner was sentenced to two months’ imprisonment and allowed to buy off his sentence. AWARD: The board of the Greek Institute of International Law has unanimously decided to award its prize for 1956 to Thessaloniki University Professor Dimitrios Evrygenis.