November 8, 1957

SOVIET UNION: Moscow, 7 – Today’s grandiose celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of the founding of the first communist state were characterized by a display of military might with the Soviets’ new weaponry. The main feature of the military parade was a series of long and extra-long range missiles, including a «two-story» missile and three launch pads, one of which was amphibious. Two huge missiles, each about 25 meters long, were also paraded. It is thought that they are of a design similar to long-range American missiles. A heavy tank and an amphibious craft for transporting troops were also shown in the parade of mechanized units, which lasted 17 minutes. EISENHOWER RESPONDS: Washington, 7 – In a highly interesting speech broadcast by all radio and television stations in the USA, President Dwight D. Eisenhower tried to boost the morale of the American people who, after the launch of two Soviet satellites, had begun to worry about the country’s defense capability. The president said that while the defenses of the US were very strong, they would have to be even more so in the future.