November 24, 1957

STATE REFINERY: The ministerial economic committee which met yesterday chaired by Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis discussed the operation of the state oil refinery and decided to recommend the following solution to the Cabinet: to announce a new competition to be decided on December 20 to lease the refinery. Interested parties will have to be clear and bids must benefit the state in some way. Otherwise the government will suggest that the state itself operates the refinery, contracting out only the technical management. The committee reached its decision after weighing the advantages and disadvantages of all possible solutions. COMMUNIST PARTIES: Belgrade, 22 – A joint appeal for peace signed in Moscow by delegates to a conference of communist leaders says, among other things, that «war is not inevitable, but the risk of a terrible and totally destructive war has not yet disappeared.» The appeal was signed by delegates of communist and labor parties from 65 different countries including Greece and Yugoslavia. GRANDE BRETAGNE: The foundation stone of the new building of the Hotel Grande Bretagne was laid yesterday morning.