November 29, 1957

DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER: Washington, 27 – United States of America President Dwight D. Eisenhower is in excellent health and appears to have completely recovered from a mild stroke which he suffered on November 25. Nevertheless, he appears to have been left with a slight speech impediment. Meanwhile, the major problems both at home and abroad that have arisen as a result of his illness are still pending. The president’s close associates are making a clear attempt to present his illness as a minor ailment and the president as capable of making critical decisions. As to whether he will be able to attend the NATO summit in Paris next month, this will be decided immediately after a meeting of the alliance’s permanent council. PETROS VOULGARIS: Yesterday morning, the funeral was held of Petros Voulgaris, the former prime minister and admiral. HEDDA GABLER: The premiere of Ibsen’s play «Hedda Gabler,» starring Mary Aroni, will take place at the Royal Theater tonight. The play has been translated by G.N. Politis and is directed by Costas Michailidis.