January 30, 1958

THREAT FROM ROCK AND ROLL: Moscow, 25 – The newspaper Izvestia today reported on what it called the dangerous extent to which the dance called «rock and roll» is spreading through Russian society. The dance, it said, is a threat to «pure» Russian dance melodies. «What is worse,» it said, «is that the spread of this dance encourages bourgeois efforts to undermine the Russian way of life.» CYPRUS ISSUE: Ankara, 29 – According to the Associated Press correspondent here, US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles has so far avoided taking an active part in the British-Turkish talks that began three days ago on the Cyprus issue, within the framework of a meeting of Baghdad Pact signatories. Nevertheless, it is believed that Dulles will take part in the talks eventually in an attempt to bridge the chasm between the British and the Turkish points of view. Meanwhile the British authorities, fearing violent unrest, have stepped up security at the British Embassy and other British foundations. According to a reliable source, there has been no progress in the talks since the Turks remain intransigent in their demand for division of the island, while the British insist this would only be implemented if all else failed.