It’s the law only if it suits us

Laws are passed to be enforced. This, of course, goes without saying, but nevertheless has to be constantly restated in Greece because many social classes as well as individuals deem that the law should be respected only if it’s «fair» – in other words, only if it suits their needs. Some gas station owners have said that they are not in a position to implement the new law aimed at combating fuel smuggling and, for this reason, will not implement it. In fact, they have warned that they will not sell heating oil. They seem to forget that their license does not give them any right to make selective sales. Of course, it’s only natural that certain gas station owners are reacting this way. After all, for years they have been getting away with shunning legislation on the operation of cash registers (which every professional is obliged to have installed in their shop) without prompting any serious repercussions from the authorities. So why should they want to follow state regulations against the illegal fuel trade?