February 21, 1958

BESSARION: Vienna, 20 – Nine previously unknown documents bearing the signature and seal of the celebrated Greek Cardinal Bessarion of Trebizond have come to light. These important official Latin language documents are mostly from the archives of the monasteries that were expropriated in Vienna during the reforms introduced by the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II around the end of the 18th century. They all date from 1460-1461, when the pope sent Bessarion to Vienna as his representative in order to achieve a peace between rival German leaders at a conference there and to unite them in a new Crusade against the Turks. GREECE-DDR: The representatives in Greece of the Chamber of Foreign Trade of the German Democratic Republic (DDR) gave a press conference at an Athens hotel yesterday. The chamber’s spokesman emphasized that a trade agreement reached at government level did not require recognition of the DDR and in this respect he cited the example of Egypt. It was in this context, he said, that efforts were being made by the chamber members in Athens to reach agreement with Greek government officials.