May 7, 1958

DEATH OF UNIONIST: According to an announcement by the police, last night left-wing unionist Nikolaos Kyriakos, aged 22, was killed by an unidentified assailant. The murder took place in the village of Peristeronas in eastern Cyprus. The deceased was a builder by trade and was working on military projects. Construction workers in the area of Famagusta have announced a 24-hour strike in a show of solidarity with the victim and in protest at the murder. MAYORS PROTEST TO UN: Mayors around Cyprus decided this evening to lodge a strong protest with the United Nations against the behavior of British security forces in Famagusta last Sunday, following the murder of two British soldiers. EOKA AGAINST AKEL: Greek sources in Nicosia said today that EOKA had published a «Black Bible» on communist treason in Cyprus. The «Bible,» consisting of 74 pages, is expected to circulate in Nicosia late tonight and to name prominent communists in Cyprus as traitors. Colonel Grivas, the leader of EOKA, claims in the «Black Bible» that the Cypriot Communist Party (AKEL) has been working closely with the British government against EOKA and has tried to sabotage the struggle of the Cypriot people.