May 9, 1958

GEORGIOS PAPANDREOU (II): In his public address to a campaign rally in Syntagma Square the day before yesterday, one of the two leaders of the Liberal Party, Georgios Papandreou, made the following statements. Referring to various points of his party’s campaign platform, Papandreou said that, if elected, the party would pursue a foreign policy that rejected subjugation to anyone. Commenting on statements by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, he expressed the Greek people’s desire to forget but not to distort history, which should not ignore the two recent rebellions by the Communist Party of Greece that resulted in a major loss of lives and property, more than even that caused by the fascist invasion. As for foreign affairs, he reiterated the assurance that taxes would be reduced, wages and pensions increased and measures taken to protect farmers and their products. He also said that a revival in education was a crucial condition for national rebirth. To that purpose, improvements had to be made to both teaching materials and morale, chiefly among teachers. Papandreou also reiterated his promises to abolish school fees for the masses.