Tourism, an ailing industry

We think of tourism as Greece’s heavy industry. If this is true, then museums and archaeological sites are its factories. These, however, constantly operate below capacity. Sometimes it is the staff that is on strike and padlocks the gates of the sites. Sometimes it is the Culture Ministry’s fault for failing to pay the guides what they’re due. The state does not hire enough hands to run these attractions and the end result is that while museums are expected to close at 7 p.m., you find their doors shut at 3 p.m. Greece’s «heavy industry» is drowning under the state’s poor management. Greece has a lot riding on the success of tourism. It is the country’s biggest source of income. And in these times especially, as clouds gather over the global economy, our country needs, now more than ever, the last euro cent brought by those who visit from all over the world to admire the achievements of ancient Greece. We need better organization and some serious investment. At least to the extent that museums close at the time stated.