Justice is blind, but only in one eye

A great deal of evidence has come to light since Kathimerini first published reports about the Siemens bribery scandal, portraying it as a key example of the shady relations between business interests and political parties. The revelations are based on thorough investigation by foreign judiciary authorities. The evidence suggests that Greek officials are indeed implicated in the scandal. Now it’s the turn of Greek prosecutors to build on the existing evidence. The payments had both intermediaries and final recipients. The bank accounts correspond to names that must be made public. The government must ensure that the handling of the Siemens case does not deal a further blow to the country’s already exposed judicial system. The government must honor its repeated pledges that it will strive for «ample light» to be shed on the case and that the officials responsible for the investigation will get to the heart of the matter. The law cannot be selective. It applies to everyone or to no one.