Revenues and special favors

The 2.1 percent increase in state revenue announced for the month of May, which falls far short of the budget estimate of 12.1 percent, is not good news, neither for the country’s education system nor its health system, nor for any of the other obligations the state has toward its citizens. The black market economy and systematic tax evasion are flourishing. They are not only an insult to the taxpayers’ sense of justice, but are at the expense of funding for the state’s ever-expanding requirements. The Economy and Finance Ministry leadership’s tolerance of major tax evasion and its aversion to inspecting certain firms means not only the resulting loss of revenues but moreover encourages further tax evasion. Restoring legality to the tax system and punishing all those who avoid their obligations is the main duty of this ministry. That is a duty that it should fulfill to the best of its ability. It must carry out that duty at all times, and across the board.