The truth must be revealed

Yesterday, the Greek people were finally, and for the first time, informed about who received bribe money from German electronics giant Siemens, when they received it and how. The confession of Theodoros Tsoukatos, which followed Kathimerini’s revelations in the case, may have shed some light on all the dark corners of the bribing of political parties. The investigation into Siemens must continue in every direction, cover every administration and look into all places where there is even a hint of suspicion. Those who claim that the political system will suffer if too many revelations are made, are wrong. On the contrary, the repetition of sinful practices of the past, as well as the natural tendency of those in power to conceal the truth are precisely what have led to the present situation. In other words, there can no longer be any justification for a politician who maintains that he knew what was going on, but was himself an honest man. Those who know and are either too afraid to tell or simply choose to stay silent are just as responsible for the cycle of corruption which has cost the Greek people so dearly.