May 22, 1952

PLASTIRAS: Prime Minister Nikolaos Plastiras is demanding that his doctors allow him to exercise his duties, as he has become concerned at information that certain Liberal officials have been trying for days to have (Deputy Prime Minister Sophocles) Venizelos, who has been acting in his stead during his illness, take over the post of prime minister, due to the extended nature of Plastiras’s illness. Plastiras also wanted to refute a statement in Parliament by EPEK party deputy K. Venetis that the prime minister is no longer capable of carrying out his prime ministerial duties. (…) Mr Plastiras, despite his doctor’s advice, came down to Athens from Kifissia yesterday and signed the book at the palace opened on the occasion of the name day of Crown Prince Constantine. The prime minister then visited the home of Mr Constantine Tsaldaris, head of the People’s Party, the foreign minister, Mr C. Rendis, as well as other friends, where he left his visiting card. KARZIS – KATRAKIS – NIELSEN: Today at the ancient site of Delphi the theater company of Mr Linos Karzis begins the festivities with «Prometheus Bound» by Aeschylus, starring Manos Katrakis (…). On Thursday, Friday and next Monday, the leading roles will be taken by Canadian actor Norman Roland, the director of the Oslo State Theater Lans Nielsen, and the Swiss actor Alfred Lohner.