August 6, 1958

IRAQ: London – There are growing indications that the real power behind the revolutionary government in Iraq is the 37-year-old vice president Colonel Abdul Salam Arif, an old friend of General Abdul Karim Qasim who led the military coup and who remains his close adviser. It was Colonel Arif who ordered the arrest of 44 senior officers when the revolution began, and occurred in the same way as the revolution in Egypt, even down to the moderate way that the Western powers reacted. For the moment, Qasim and Arif are focusing on getting the country back to normal. They have given repeated assurances that they have no intention of bothering the Western-owned Iraq Petroleum Company. However, no regime in the Middle East claiming to support Arab nationalism can hope to govern for long without taking steps to remove foreign influence. YIANNIS MORALIS: According to a telegram from Venice, the Turin Art Gallery has bought a painting by the Greek artist Yiannis Moralis who is displaying his work in the international Venice Biennale exhibition. AMERICAN SATELLITE: Cape Canaveral, 26 – The US Army launched a new satellite today, named the Explorer, in an attempt to put it into orbit. Weighing over 17 kilos, it is the heaviest spacecraft yet launched by the Americans.