November 18, 1958

KARL DOENITZ: Bonn, 15 – Former Admiral Karl Doenitz, who once led the Nazi German naval fleet and took over from Hitler for 20 days during Germany’s surrender, has published his memoirs, titled «Ten Years and 20 Days.» Released from an Allied prison in Spandau just two years ago, Doenitz has used his memoirs as an attempt to justify the submarine warfare but also devotes an entire chapter to Nazi Germany’s internal resistance at the attempted assassination of Hitler on July 20, 1944. Doenitz said the navy was not fully aware of the situation on the eastern front and had absolutely no contact with the National Socialist Workers’ Party. «If certain men and women, prompted by the belief that it was possible to save their people, preferred to join the resistance and even commit treason, I would not be able to refute the moral dimension of their stance, particularly if those people were aware of the crimes which we now have heard about,» writes Doenitz. «As for whether the attempt on Hitler’s life was expedient, that is another issue.» MAYORS PUNISHED: The Piraeus Prefecture has announced that the mayors of Nikaia, Keratsini and Drapetsona have been temporarily suspended for failing to attend celebrations to mark the liberation of Mt Grammos.